Since’s inception in 2005, we have believed that San Miguel de Allende, and Mexico, and travel in general – transforms us. Travel erases borders. Travel is aspirational, inspirational, and fundamental all at once. We want to continue to bring new voices into the conversation. We want to share the answers to “Why do you love about San Miguel de Allende?”

Here’s what’s in it for you

Media Submission and Style Guidelines

Who is the Audience? We reach everyone from family travelers to solo travelers, backpackers to retirees. If they’re passionate about transformation through travel, they belong in the Community. Travel isn’t just about vacation… it’s about the stirring in the soul, the widening of the mind, and the deepening of connection to the world and others. Our audience understands that.

Writing Style Guide:

Some General Writing Suggestions:

Images: If you include photos, images or artwork with your post, you must own the work or have explicit, written permission to publish it. If no images are available, we prefer to publish plain text rather than using stock images. All videos or audio included with the work must have an embed code.

Writers retain full rights to their work, but we ask that they not share it to another publication for six months after it goes live on our site. You may submit previously published work, but you must include all appropriate credits and links back to the original. By accepting our terms and conditions you acknowledge and grant permission to have the work re-published.

5 Tips to Get Published:

#1: Be Original Your submission must be original and not published anywhere else. The search engines don’t allow pieces printed anywhere else online. If we find the article elsewhere, we will reject the submission.

#2. Be On Brand The most common mistake we see from contributors is sending us unrelated content. We are all about San Miguel de Allende and Mexico, and we like to think past the shallow end of the pool if possible. Pick a subject that we write about like:

#3: Be Of Service, Don’t Be Promotional You’re going to get a byline with a link to your site or podcast or tee shirt shop – and you can talk about what you do as long as it’s valuable to travelers – but if your submission is a fluffy press release it will be outrighted to an eternity in PR purgatory.

#4: Make the Editor’s Life Easier

#5: Be Legal and Ethical

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